Metropolitan Bride Magazine 2017 Cover | Photo Shoot Make-up
It was truly a honor to be able to work with photographer Bambi Cantrell one of the elite Nikon Ambassadors, and the Metropolitan Bride magazine team for their Winter 2017 magazine cover. This was the second time I was able to be apart of the Metropolitan Bride cover. The last cover I was apart of was Winter 2014. I am blessed that Bambi thought of Makeup In Motion for her professional makeup services once again.
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Metropolitan Bride Magazine 2017 Cover | Photo Shoot Make-up

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Metropolitan Bride Winter 2017 Magazine Cover

The Team

It was truly a honor to be able to work with photographer Bambi Cantrell one of the elite Nikon Ambassadors,  and the Metropolitan Bride magazine team for their Winter 2017 magazine cover.  This was the second time I was able to be apart of the Metropolitan Bride cover. The last cover I was apart of was Winter 2014.  I am blessed that Bambi thought of me for my makeup services once again.  The shoot took place in a beautiful location in Novato, California. Leslie Crabbs was the most amazing hostess.  Hair, makeup and wardrobe took over her living and family room. Call time was set for 6:00 am and Leslie and Dorene had coffee and tea available to warm us up before we got to work.  As soon as Dawn,  Megan, Adam, and Bambi walked in, they greeted everyone and that is when the beauty magic started.   The beauty team consisted of Pro Makeup Artist, Tiffany Bennett (me),  Marci Cawley, and Pro Hair Specialist Jasmin Rouse & Erica Norman .  We had three gorgeous models Jasmine Kaufman, Madison Jean, & Abby Nash.  Abby’s super cute mom, photographer Dorene Nash was taking behind the scene photos. All of the models were very sweet. This was definitely a dream team of Pros. Everyone had amazing energy, communicated well, shared their tips, tricks, laughed and most of all had fun!


The experience

The models each had two looks. Bambi sent us her Pintrest inspiration board a few weeks prior to the shoot. I love that she sends us inspiration boards, it ensures the team are all on the same page.  Bambi has worked with this Magazine many times in the past so she knows exactly what they were looking for.  She wanted something beautiful, soft and pretty.  Megan Rallis, Publisher/Creative Director for Metropolitan Bride  insured that we stayed ahead of time schedule for hair and makeup while getting the models dresses ready.  Dawn Shields, Editor and Chief of the magazine was running back and forth between getting the models into their dresses and taking the models to the location where Bambi was shooting them. Bambi, Dawn and Megan new exactly how they wanted the girls to look.  Bambi loves effortless hair and that is exactly what Jasmine, and Erica gave the models. Pro Makeup Artist, Marci had the perfect makeup artistry eye for Madison’s beautiful face.  Erica did a great job with Madison’s thick long red hair. Madison is the cutest! She comes from a great family, and she has a great lifestyle blog that you should follow. You can read more about Madi’s personal Metropolitan Bride photoshoot experience at .

Bambi only calls on the best proffesionals for her shoots and for that I am grateful to have been apart of the team.  I loved working with this team because of their passion for creating a fun, free flowing creative environment while delivering their best work.

The Cover Makeup Look

(Below is a snap shot with my camera phone, bad lighting but great close up)

I had two models, Jasmine and Abby. Abby was my first model, beautiful, young and so sweet. Due to time restraints I was not able to grab a behind the scene photo of her but I added a photo from the shoot that Bambi took. I wanted Abby to keep her fun young spirited look. So I gave Abby had a coal colored defused smokey eye with soft baby pink lips. Subtle end eye lashes to make her eyes pop. Her skin had a dewy flawless finish with a hint of rose colored blush. She turned out beautiful, all we did was enhance her gorgeous features that she was blessed with. 

Luckily, I was able to snap one close up picture of Jasmine. Jasmine was also naturally gorgeous. I wanted to keep Jasmine’s skin natural matte,  with a slight glow. Jasmine has the eyebrows that you wish God would have blessed you with, so I just used a little brown eyebrow gel. I decided to do a pop of color on the lips.  She originally was going to shoot with a beautiful bird cage net in her hair that slightly covered her eyes, and that is where my inspiration came from for a bold red lip. I did a soft smokey eye putting emphasis on the under eye, along with bringing drama to Jasmine’s breath taking eye lashes.  I was hesitate at first to add the red and told Megan we could change it if she felt like it was to much. Dawn, Megan, Bambi, and myself  loved it! Bumble & Bumble Network Educator Jasmine Rouse, from Changes Salon Walnut Creek executed model, Jasmine’s and Abby’s hair to perfection.  Jasmine’s hair was teased just enough to add a small amount of volume, along with sexy beach wave curls.

Everything came together great to create the perfect Winter 2017 Metropolitan Bride magazine cover.




Makeup: Tiffany Bennett

Hair: Jasmine Rouse

Model: Abby Nash


Makeup: Tiffany Bennett

Hair: Jasmine Rouse

Model: Jasmin Kaufman






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